I have scars all over my heart
trying to scratch it out one time
too much

Thousands of fingerprints fixed
on the smooth white skin of
my hips

Every lost lover’s smile lives
in this never resting mind
of mine

Yet every time your gaze meets my oh so
tired eyes: I am soothed I am born
for a moment, anew

And if you touched me now
touched me deliberately and with

There’s a chance we could bring back
all that was lost: indeed, the feeling
finding that city buried and forgotten
making real all that was not then


2 svar till “Atlantis”

  1. Haha, så går det när man alltför hastigt skriver av ngt. Men undantag för many/much som är ett medvetet fel för att få stavelserna att gå ihop.I övrigt: kul att du gillade!


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