The best that is in them…


The men who really care for their art, who wish above all things to do the best that is in them, do not take the way of the world and the regular salaries of the newspaper offices. They stay outside, reading, writing, painting for themselves, and snatching such golden crumbs as fall within their reach from the tables of publishers, editors, and picture-buyers. They make a living, as it were, by accident. It is a hard life and a risky one; it is deliciously exciting at first, to leap from crag to crag, wherever a slight handhold will preserve you from the abyss, but the time soon comes when you are tired, and wonder, with dulled heart and clouded brain, is it worth while or no? Those who are strong enough to continue are given their own souls to carry in their hands, and those who admit defeat, surrender them, and, knowing in their hearts that they have sold themselves, hide their sorrow in a louder clamour after an easier quest.

Citat av Arthur Ransome, 1912, hittat hos Andrew Rickard.

4 svar till “The best that is in them…”

  1. Un gros merci, bien qu’il soit un peu tard, pour le lien et félicitations — non seulement à l’occasion de votre mariage, mais aussi de la parution de votre traduction de Gourmont. Cordialement, Andrew Rickard.


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